Maureen M.

“To study with a teacher who has not a few years, but decades of broad and deep commitment to mind-body movement practices is rare in this world of “3-month or year-long master’s programs”. Secret shows enormous reverence and appreciation for the master teachers who have guided her in several different practices: iyengar yoga, Gyrotonic movement, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and the vocal and spiritual practices of Sanskrit chanting, among others. She lives at the intersection of all these disciplines and in the most loving,
gentle, inspiring and unpretentious way.Secret truly embodies the Divine Feminine: 
so much love and tenderness
with so much strength and wisdom behind it.
I’d encourage anyone interested in exploring these practices to treat themselves to a very relaxed retreat in paradise with Secret in Costa Rica. 

The experience was absolutely delightful for all of us in 2016.”

Maureen Rose Manley, Orthopedic Bodywork