Kathryn H.

“Hi Secret

I just wanted to let you know (confirm) how instrumental you have been in my life and on my journey through my body. I have daily revelations, experiences and understandings which often bring me back to you. I also understand more now why it was so hard for you in Marin and why you ended up working predominantly with teachers and practitioners. The more we advance with the work, the more it takes people who really care and are interested to adopt it.

These days I’m reading books that are basically saying all I have come to experience and then some take things further which is great exploration. I miss that you don’t live around the corner, though. Life does what it needs to do I guess, and hopefully I find some clients in Australia who are willing to explore things more deeply. But I also can’t help wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing… it is not an easy path.

I hope your time in Costa Rica continues to be wonderful.

With love and the deepest gratitude.”

-Kathryn Hood